Pixellated Rainbow (Hex)


Apologies for the lengthy gap! Once again, life took over (nothing major, just normal working mother of teens stuff) and time or energy for this was lacking.


Yesterday I finally finished sewing in the last few ends on my Rainbow Hex blanket.  

I made it for my son, who loves to paint.  Inspired by his paint pallete and the sunny happy vibe that goes with rainbows, and loving the modern look of solid colour hexagons, I got to work.  It took a long time, because as you may know, I like to have different things on the go at the same time and sometimes I focus on other things for longer than I maybe should.  The great thing about doing individual hexagons is they are quick and don’t have lots of ends (unlike the circle in square grannies I’m now starting – I will show you next time).  Gradually I built up a pile of hexagons and started to join them.  With no exact plan, I crocheted and joined, crocheted and joined, and then had to work out how to do half hexagons for the sides!  A wee bit of brain ache but really not that difficult.. I decided to keep the zig-zag edge at the ends, partly to give it a fun look and partly because I couldn’t face working out how to fill in the zig-zags!

I’m very pleased with the end result (you could say I’m chuffed!) and thankfully he loves it too.


A mixed bunch


I’ve been busy busy over the Summer, with children and work and action packed holidays so I haven’t managed as much crochet time as I’d have liked.   I’ve picked up a hook from time to time though and have created a mixture of things..

Spotty square which will be sent for a charity blanket in the Autumn (I’m hoping to do a few more).

Leaves and flowers..

I need to get back to my rainbow hexagon blanket which is getting oh-so-close to needing a border but I still have quite a bit of joining and crocheting to do first.  The problem is it’s quite big now, so laying it out and placing the next batch of hexagons takes a while (and requires a clear, clean floor, which is always a challenge in my dog-hair house).

While on holiday I made a few squares, which were meant to be “Circle of Friend” squares but I ended up (by mistake) creating my own variation!

That’s what happens when you crochet on a journey and multi-task the map reading with the instructions.  Never mind, I quite like my simplified version.

The colour orange


I’ve never been a fan.  It’s always been too bold and too garish, and when subtle, too peachy or pale.


I decided that like it or not my (Pixellated) Rainbow hexagon blanket needed some orange.  No amount of peach or pink or red was going to make up for the missing colour.  So, I am embracing a new love (maybe not quite, but getting there) of orange and crocheting orange hexagons and also this fun bobble square, just for fun (I will donate it for a charity blanket).

Orange certainly adds some bright fun to the day..

Purple sprouting..


The weather has been well and trailed mixed this month.  We have had thunder and lightening, chilly nights and days, glorious sunshine and pouring rain.  

I’m counting down to the Summer holidays.  Six weeks with my children at home, juggling work and fun and finances..  We are really looking forward to getting away for a couple of weeks all together.

I’m not getting overly excited about these sprouting purple cabbage seeds.. Either they are slow growers or non growers.  They’ve been sitting on moist kitchen paper for nearly a week, on the window ledge so warm and sunny.  I will keep them moist and hope for the best but will also continue sprouting mung beans which work every time and are delicious in all sorts of dishes.

Well, they did finally grow! Worth the wait – such a lovely addition to salads and a pretty garnish for other dishes.

Flowers in the garden


This book by Suzann Thomson was a gift and until recently I’ve only really had a flick through and looked at the pictures.  There are some really unusual flowers, some quite challenging (the pattern says beginner-advanced to warn you) and lots of beautiful colour combinations.

This is my “Van Wyk Rose” which is classed as a beginner project.  If you can count to 16, you can make this rose!


My cotton stash is newly updated with some gorgeous Drops Aran cotton that I purchased from Wool Warehouse.  It’s a mixture of Drops Paris amd Drops ❤️ You.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I do find this cotton rather splitty, but once I’m used to it, I get along fine.

I’m going to try a few more flowers soon.






I’ve only had these books for a couple of weeks, but already I’m enjoying eating freshly prepared tasty meals, feeling fuller for longer, more energy and happier.  I thought it would be harder to resist the sugary stuff but honestly, a handful of nuts or some satisfying Greek yoghurt really does hit the spot and I’ve not had any real cake or chocolate cravings!  Yes, you read that correctly – I haven’t craved chocolate! But even if I had, some good quality dark chocolate is allowed on this “diet”!!


My second batch of sprouted mung beans are almost ready for eating and I have a ready-to-eat avocado waiting for me for lunch.





My weight loss fitness story starts here!

The drastic deed of measuring and weighing has been done and now the gory details are written down for me to see I can’t ignore it any longer..

I’ve ordered a few books to keep me motivated and will need to dig out my sports bra (and hope it fits!) so that I can do more than just walk the dog.

I’m going to be doing the “it ain’t rocket science” diet, aka “eat less and exercise more” with reduced sugar  and increased veg and protein.